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What others say about John Herndon ...

"John used to sit in the bleachers during our practices with a pad taking notes when he was a high school coach in Houston.. At first I thought he was somebody scouting our team, but I soon found out that he was just very hungry to learn everything he could about teaching basketball. Since those early days John has clawed his way up every possible rung in the basketball ladder, and somehow we got very lucky when he ended up back with us at Rice. He is flat out the best teacher I've ever been around, and he's the best post coach I've ever seen."

Todd Smith, Head Basketball Coach – Univ. of St. Thomas

When observing CH working with Eddie Griffin, Kevin McHale's comment was: "John Herndon reminds me of my high school coach. He's always active, talking and teaching. High energy"

Kevin McHale, General Manager - Minnesota Timberwolves

"Since I ended my NBA career I've been coming up and watching the Owls practice. I've watched this little man command the attention of the Rice post players like nobody I've ever seen. The things he teaches the big men, the way he talks to them, the knowledge that he has is absolutely incredible. And have I said how he is in a summer camp setting? I wouldn't trust my son, Christian to anybody else. You shouldn't either. He is the man."

Ricky Pierce, Former NBA and Rice Owl player

"CH is so funny, and in the next moment he can be teach or listen to anything you might have to talk with him about. The little man knows the game. You can tell he not only had a feel as a player, but he has really taken time to study the game. We respect the heck out of him. I mean, he's ready to compliment us on a good job, yet he's not hesitant to get in my face when I'm not doing my job. It blows away any instruction I've ever had."

Erik Cooper (Rice-2001) Professional Basketball-Argentina

"When CH came on staff I thought, 'Like this 5'10" dude can tell me anything about playing in the post.' After the first week I realized that I was wrong. It's the next level of executing post play, and it blends so well with our team play. If I've come anywhere close to achieving my potential, CH is the reason. He just emphasizes things that so many other coaches don't take the time to."

Alex Bougaieff (Rice-2000) Professional Basketball-Italy

"I know for a fact that by the completion of the second day of basketball camp my sons had gained more fundamental knowledge of the game of basketball than they had acquired from all of their previously attended camps combined. The difference wasn't solely due to the information, but more so from its delivery. All the while entwined in the instruction was commitment, love of sport, children, and a hefty dose of John Herndon's enthusiasm."

Wendy Wilson, Mother of a Rice Owl Camper

Player Honors during John Herndon's tenure at Rice

Adam Peakes - '95, All-SWC, Academic All-America, Europe (Austria)
Tommy McGhee, '96, All-SWC, Pro ball Europe (France), China.
Shawn Igo - '97, All-SWC, All-WAC, Europe, NBA
JJ Polk - '97, China, Law School
Jarvis Sanni - 98, Europe (France), South America (Venezuela)
Robert Johnson - '99, All WAC, Europe (France)
Jason Skaer - '99, Europe (Austria)
Alex Bougaieff - '00, Pro ball Europe (Italy), Intl. Business School
Erik Cooper - '01, South America (Argentina)
Mike Wilks - '01, Academic All-America, NBA -Houston Rockets, Chicago Bulls, WAC Player of the Year. T.J. McKenzie -'02, Natl. Basketball Developmental League (New Mexico) Yamar Diene - '04, Pro ball France

Players Coached Privately Since Rice

Eddie Griffin - Houston Rockets
Damon Stoudamire - Portland T'blazers
Kendrick Perkins - Boston Celtics
John Lucas Jr. - Oklahoma State, '04
Chris Massey - Memphis St., Europe


Coaching/Teaching Experience
Christ School, Asheville, NC '85-88
John Cooper, Woodlands, TX '88-89
Episcopal HS, Houston, TX '88-91
Wash. & Lee, Lexington, VA 91-92
North Dakota State, Fargo, ND 92-93
Rice University, Houston, TX 1993-01
John Herndon, Inc., Hou, TX '02-09

Birthdate: December 14, 1962
Wife: Amy (Interior Design)
Daughters: Kelsy (Oct. 24, 1991)
Abbey (December 29, 2003)

High School: St. John's, Hou, TX 1981
College: Wash. & Lee, Span./Geol., '85
Masters: Rice Univ., M.A.T. (Span), '94

Contact CH at: (713) 376-0767


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